Wallet size Vaccination Card

Wallet size laminated card showing the QR code on one side and your proof of vaccination basic details on the other, transfered from your Ontario COVID-19 enhanced vaccination certificate plus a FREE print-out of certificate.

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1 Wallet Card

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4 Wallet Cards

Wallet size Ontario COVID-19 enhanced proof vaccination card with FREE print-out of certificate.

Pay by Interac e-Transfer Using a bank app or your online bank account, login
  • Select the `Pay bills and transfer funds` option.
  • In the `TO` selection, chose `Add Interac e-Transfer Recipient`
  • Enter andre@bynet.co as the recipient
  • Enter the amount matching the number of cards requested from the list below.
  • Select the `AutoDeposit` transfer option and confirm the transfer.
That is it. As soon as we receive confirmation of the transfer, we will contact you with instructions on emailing the required information needed to complete your order.
Card for 1 person$6.95
Cards for 2 persons$12.95
Cards for 3 persons$18.95
Cards for 4 persons$24.95
Cards for 5 persons$30.95