COVID-19 Enhanced Vaccine Certificate Card

Using your Ontario COVID-19 enhanced vaccination certificate, we extract the QR code and add it to the front of the card and then extract your vaccination details to add them on the back of the wallet size card.
  • NO NEED to carry or own a smartphone or tablet with you.
  • NO NEED to carry those large COVID-19 certificate sheets.
  • ALL the required details are on the wallet sized card.
  • LAMINATION protects the QR code from wear or creassing.
  • Your vaccination details are clear and easy to read.
  • Includes FREE print-out of your Ontario Certificate.
  • An easy, compact and convenient solution to carrying your proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Private, Safe & Secure

Your privacy and the safegard of your information is of the upmost importance to us.
  • We do not store or sell any of your personal data.
  • After shipping your order, we delete all your COVID-19 information.
  • Secure encrypted browser communications strictly enforced.

Ontario Vaccine Certificate

Your downloaded document file
from Ontario Covid-19 site.
Code Side of Wallet Card

Code extracted from your uploaded
Ontario Vaccine Certificate fine.
Details Side of Card

Your vaccination details extracted from
your Certificate file.